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We Pay Top $ for High-Grade Vintage Baseball Cards!

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We pay top-dollar for quality sportscards!

Get a FREE PRICE QUOTE on your pre-1970 baseball cards from a professional dealer with more than 30 years' experience buying vintage baseball cards.

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1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card
Find out what your vintage baseball cards are really worth – for FREE – from an experienced, ethical dealer!

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You don't need all this information when you call Baseball Card Buyer, but it will get you a quicker price quote!

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We daily buy cards in select US states - call/contact us for more info.
Many sellers send their cards for a quote via our Insured UPS Shipping Account.

(Note: we pay for the total shipping cost. Please call for more details.)

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"We Buy Old Cards!"

"Our buy prices are competitive with or better than other dealers. See what others who have sold to us have to say about our business practices. We look forward to talking with you and giving you a fair, free price quote.” Inc.

Click to see BCB's BASEBALL CARD GRADING GUIDELINES for help with grading your cards.

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