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Henry Aaron Milwaukee Braves 1954 Topps

1954 Hank Aaron

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Roger Maris  Cleveland Indians  1958 Topps

1958 Roger Maris

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Reggie Jackson   Oakland Athletics   1969 Topps

1969 Reggie Jackson

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Bob Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates 1960 Topps Baseball Card

1960 Roberto Clemente


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Connie Mack's Stars
Babe Ruth   Connie Mack's Stars   1951 Topps

1951 Babe Ruth

Topps baseball cards, believe it or not, were not what the Topps company originally intended to sell. They began in 1938 for the purpose of selling ... gum. In 1950 Topps introduced trading cards as an item to help sell their gum, and in 1951 began the now-famous line of Topps baseball cards.

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Micky Mantel   New York Yankees   1952 Topps

1952 Mickey Mantle

The 1952 Topps baseball card set was the first to include all players' stats, pictures, and team logos. It is a landmark among collectors as the most desirable set, with the Mickey Mantle card shown here the most-prized card in the set.

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Willie Mays   New York Giants   1953 Topps card

1953 Willie Mays

Topps bought the Bowman company, a competitor, in 1956 and has become the #1 manufacturer in the sports' trading card industry. No one knew 50 years ago that such a popular item of Americana was born with the introduction of Topps baseball cards!

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Carl Yastremski  Boston Red Sox   1960 Topps

1960 Carl Yastrzemski

unopened Topps 10-pack wax pack

1952 Unopened 'wax pack'

Ted Williams   Boston Red Sox   1956 Topps

1956 Ted Williams

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More Classic Topps Baseball Cards

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Brooks Robinson   Baltimore Orioles   1957 Topps card

1957 Brooks Robinson

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Ernie Banks   Chicago Cubs   1954 Topps

1954 Ernie Banks

Pete Rose   Cincinnati Red Legs   1963 Topps rookie card

1963 Pete Rose

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